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when I met a stranger at the annual Oktoberfest

When I met a stranger at the annual Oktoberfest

The most awaited day of the year had finally come, the annual Oktoberfest. I went shopping a day before and got myself some stuff. I bought a denim jacket, with a black blouse inside. Ripped jeans and a pair of long boots. I was very excited and so were my friends. On the day, we planned on going together, they picked me from my place. We were 5 girls all together. We arrived at the venue and it was fully packed so we discussed that we will stay together so that we don’t get lost. We went straight to the hard drinks and had a couple of shots. We decided on going in the crowd to dance, the music was loud and tempting. However, I was too wild that day. Sometime later I turned around to check on my friends and I couldn’t see anyone. when I met a stranger at the annual Oktoberfest I rushed back from the crown to look for them, on my way back I walked into a guy and the drink he was holding spilled all on my blouse. He was a gentleman to apologize and took me to a stall to get water to clean the stains. He was tall, handsome, and muscular. He was wearing a black leather jacket and jeans. I was so attracted to him when I gave a proper glanced. Anyway, he told me that he came alone and I offered to accompany him. We started getting to know each other and got to know that he is from Spain, and visits here every year for this festival.

Out of nowhere, he asked me if I want to go someplace else and, I said yes without thinking. My phone died and I had forgotten about my friends. We sat in the car and drove off to the guest house where he was staying. During the whole ride, I was only thinking about undressing and making out with him. I didn’t tell him that I am an Escort Munich. We arrived at the guest house and rushed straight to the room. He slammed the door behind us and held me against a wall and started kissing me. I had never mourned a touch of someone for this long. when I met a stranger at the annual Oktoberfest I was so turned on and wanted him in me. We started undressing each other while still kissing. He started kissing me and sucking my neck and went down on me in the same manner. I was so wet and still managed to go to the room. I laid down on the bed and he came on top of me and kissed me. his every touch made me want him more. From the corner of my eye, I saw him fully hard and couldn’t wait for him to enter me. He started rubbing his dick on my pussy and in a blink  inserted his dick in me. he started slow and after a few strokes, he started to moan and stopped after a few more. That was it. He fell beside me. all my horniness faded away. I thought I’m in for a treat but it was awkward.


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