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we took a taxi from Milchbar to my client’s residence

We took a taxi from Milchbar to my client’s residence

All VIPs coming to the enchanting city of Munich choose to contact Escort-Munchen for their erotic adult entertainment as the agency is known for providing top verified Escort Munich. being a part of this premium agency gave me many privileges and a stable cliental as the agency looks after their high-class escorts. We took a taxi from Milchbar to my client’s residence Since I come under the typical party escort category most of my clients include adventurous personalities who are looking for an ideal sex companion to dive right into the amazing nightlife of Munich.

Last Saturday I was attending an outcall and the meetup point was my favorite night club Milchbar which is famous for partying right as the music never stops and the place is full of party lovers who are quite friendly. We took a taxi from Milchbar to my client’s residence The place is a hot and favorite spot of all the single men in town as even if you enter the club alone the chance of you leaving alone is pretty low. But I guess my client did not want to take any risk and therefore decided to order sex online. Being an escort with good reviews I make sure I always reach on time and the gentlemen truly appreciated that.  As we entered the crowd seemed to be at an all-time high and we decided to let loose on the dance floor right after a couple of drinks at the bar. On the dance floor, I kept rubbing my ass against his crotch which seemed to be a perfect cock tease and he couldn’t resist but hold me tight and feel me up. My client seemed to be quite open-minded as at a point another couple wanted to swap with us for a few songs and unlike most clients, he was open to enjoy with another girl as he was sure that I was only his to enjoy unconditionally.

After a few hours, he whispered in my ear, “Want to head out for some more fun?” I instantly smiled at him and replied with an intimate French kiss. We got out and took a taxi to my client’s residence as his uncle and aunt were out of town and we didn’t have to waste any time deciding upon a hotel. During our way to his place he kept rubbing his hand up and down my thighs and eventually I sat close to him, directing his finger to my wet pussy. The tantalizing touch of my tight shaved pussy made him excited and I could see his happiness right through his eyes. As we entered the house he had prepared a little surprise for me in his cozy room. He had dim lighting with just fairy lights on and sexy lingerie was placed on his bed. As I got out of the bathroom wearing what he got for me, I saw him waiting for me completely naked with a single rose in between his lips. it was truly an erotic sight for me and I submitted to him by giving him a blowjob without condom. He didn’t get down on me but instead fingered me roughly that made me urge his dick inside my vagina walls but he was a true bull who took all his revenge by rubbing his dick cap up and down my pussy line making me moan hard and beg him to get deep inside. It was surely a night to remember for life!

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