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The time when I was a client’s plus one at a college Reunion

The time when I was a client’s plus one at a college Reunion

The perks of being a young escort at an excellent escort service mean reliable clients who you can trust for a short inter-city trip without having to worry about the travel expenses and safety. Since Escort-Munchen is known for providingthe bestEscort Munich,the kinkiest men tend to order sex online from this premium agency. The time when I was a client’s plus one at a college Reunion Last month I met a true sugar daddy who sparingly wasn’t that old but in his prime years of age yet the way he was spending on me and pampered me made me feel like a true queen and I just couldn’t say no to him for any of his dirty fetishes. We traveled to Augsburg for his college reunion and on our way, he kept telling me different stories about his college and friends from there. He seemed like someone who had fully bloomed right after college because most of his college stories sounded like he was picked on in college. He requested me to not tell anyone there that I was an escort but instead he told me that I could use my creativity to tell them any love story as his loyal girlfriend. I winked at him and told him that I was sure his no strings attached girlfriend for the next 24 hours.

Upon arrival, we went straight to his college party where people had gone completely crazy. There weren’t many students on campus as the summer vacations had started and only some of the faculty members were there to attend the alumnae’s. The time when I was a client’s plus one at a college Reunion I met some of his friends who were shocked to see him with a girl like me. he had told me about his college bully who tried acting a bit smart with my man but I instantly took charge and got rid of him with my wicked attitude and I could just see the poor soul relieved. As we enjoyed catching up with his friends and drinking we started playing different games and by night the wild side was truly over and everyone was enjoying the nice cold weather by the bonfire. As we roasted some marshmallows my client decided to entertain our small group with some live music performance as he had brought his guitar.

Eventually, everyone started to get to their dorm rooms which were allotted for the night. The entire day we had just kept fooling around making out now and then but now I knew was the time when we would have to make the perfect impression of him as the man. As soon as we got in his room I told him that this would be the best night of his life and a true bull will walk out that door in the morning. As we got naked and enjoyed a sexy 69 position I took out my vibrator to make things hotter and my client was indeed enjoying the sight of me playing with my tight shaved pussy.The time when I was a clients plus one at a college Reunion We tried different positions and even double penetration which made me moan quite load and I’m sure most the people on that floor must have heard us that night. He orgasmed well and as he ejaculated on my face I instantly wiped all his semen juice off my and licked it. After tiring himself from multiple shots inside my vagina we decided to spoon and sleep naked which in itself was pretty erotic and as we laid on the bed he opened up to me about how good he felt making such a strong impression on all those who thought that he was never going to be able to be with a girl. I was glad to know that he enjoyed me fully and was satisfied with my services.

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