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the strange requests from a client

The strange requests from a client

In my 3 years of experience as an escort, I had come across clients with different fetishes and kinks and each guy had his own very unique kind of dirty talking that would help them get off. However,The strange requests from a client a few days back I met a very unusual man who took me by surprise.

Like any other booking, I reached his hotel room 5 minutes early then the decided time as all Escort Munich at Escort-Munchen are trained to reach work before the decided time. As I stood outside his doorstep I could hear him talk to his wife. He sounded like a fun-loving guy who genuinely was always there for his family. he seemed too involved with his children as well who were probably there on the video call as his speaker was on and I could hear them talking. I waited for him to say bye and as soon as I got my cue, I knocked on his doorstep. As he opened the door an average looking guy with a bald path opened the door.The strange requests from a client I asked him if he was Adam and he gave me a kinky look saying, “who else could recognize how rare of a gem you are!” I gave him a kinky smile and entered his room. He had some gifts wrapped up for his children and he instantly kept them in the cupboard. To this action of his, I had to say, “relax sweetie these aren’t the toys I like as it is!” he smiled at me and replied, “I know I just don’t want to think about anyone else but you right now darling, you are all I want!” as soon as he said that he approached forward and we started to deep French kiss.The strange requests from a client I pushed him on his bed and started strip teasing. As I got naked and stood before him I could see the lust in his eyes. I got on his laps and he started sucking onto my nipples. Eventually, I was expecting him to eat me out but instead, he whispered in my ears, “Beautiful I have a confession to make, I want to submit to you and for that, I have a gift for you!” he then got up and brought a strap on belt from his cupboard. I was a bit surprised as he didn’t seem like a man who would want to have any level of roughness. But to my surprise, he wanted to be my sex slave. Understanding the demand of the situation I quickly changed my girlfriend experience into a PSE Escort and immediately spanked him hard.

He thoroughly enjoyed the tantalizing touch of my tongue on his butthole and as I was eating his ass out I stroked his hanging cock quite well. For the first time, I Had seen a man moan so hard as this seemed like one of his long-desired fetishes. He kept encouraging me to humiliate him in dirty talking and I enjoyed making him my toy as he was fully mine in that moment and that night we kept taking turns in fucking each other and honestly every time the passion kept on increasing until we both were tired and went to sleep together.


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